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#dailyArsenal 1949 @ParkerPens 51 #fountainpen, @MonteVerdePens One Touch #ballpoint/#stylusThis was going to be an awesome blog post.

It really was.

I had the initial idea while at the office. That’s not entirely true–the thought had been tumbling in my head for a couple weeks now, just below the surface. I would get a peek at it while drifting off to sleep. Once in a while, it would bubble to the surface of my thoughts while in the shower. I even saw it on a bike ride once. However, it was today that all thoughts different threads wove together into a cohesive idea.

Before I realized it, a rough outline formed. I figured ten minutes with a text editor, a quick spell check, and it would be ready to go. I’d sit on it for a few hours then reread it–something I like to do with any major missive–but, by that point, it would be more an at of polishing.

It was going to be really good, too.

I think that it would easily join the ranks of my most viewed posts. It may have been picked up on Buzzfeed, or some simiar site. Thousands of people would come to my blog. They’d read other posts. I could become a professional blogger, just due to this one idea.

I was slow in getting out the notebook I have just for capturing such ideas. I was trying to pick through a few emails, and didn’t want to break that rhythm. But the idea was still there. Then, I got an instant message from someone–there was some paperwork I swore I complete, but the ticketting system was showing otherwise. I typed three different responses in the chat window, each decreasingly offensive, until I reached a civil tone, and clicked send. I went into the system, updated the ticket, and he confirmed that that task was now closed.

I was at work, where I’m not a professional blogger. Dealing with the ticket was a higher priority for me at that moment.

But now, that idea is once again gone. I have clue where it went. I can’t even tell you what it was. I spent a few minutes looking at the various sources on my desk: my email, IM windows, to-do list, and twitter feed. But nothing was jarring my memory.

I hope one day to see this idea again–it really was a great one. I’ll write it in the notebook I have for just such a purpose. Then, when I have a bit of time, I’ll form the idea into a blog post, and put it here.

You’ll be very impressed. I promise you: it really was goinig to be an awesome blog post.

Posted 2013-10-22 by Mr. Guilt in Random Tale, rant

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