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I read a variety of blogs and lists. Between my RSS feed, Facebook, and twitter, I find out about a lot of random things happening in Cincinnati. Yet, I can’t remember exactly where I saw the Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire. It is a big gathering of, well, creative geeks. I was quite interested in it, and I thought my wife and daughter would enjoy it, too.

At the Faire, there were all sorts of tents with folks creating robots, using 3D printers, as well as artists. One group made a near-life sized whale shark puppet.
Whale Shark Puppet 1

Whale Shark Puppet 2

One tent we were quite interested in was, well the tent. The presenter had a plan for making geodesic dome tents out of PVC pipe, bolts, and trucker’s tarps. He said this one only ran a few hundred dollars.

Under the tent, there was a mini-tent construction kit, for trying out ideas.
Caitlin's Dome

She also got to launch a rocket.
Looking Downrange

A whole group is dedicated to making replica R2-D2 units. When I was my daughter’s age, “The Empire Strikes Back” was just about to come out. I would have gone absolutely nuts to encounter an R2 unit.
Caitlin and R2

Don’t even get me started about three R2 units!
Caitlin and R2…and R2…and R2

It wasn’t just tech. For instance, a cannon was yard-bombed.
Down the Barrel

We had a great time, and are looking forward to the next one!


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  1. I’d still get excited if I saw a full-size R2 unit. I was pretty excited a few years ago (2007?) when the postal service painted some of their mailboxes like R2-D2. There was one at Kenwood.

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