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New TreeWhen we moved into our house, there was a tall tree by the front steps. Unfortunately, it was encircled in vines. One afternoon, within our first year, there, I cut all the vines, exposing the trunk. However, it was too late. The tree died, and we had to have it removed. We’ve been treeless there for over a decade.

Until this past weekend.

We got a new tree, as part of the Cincinnati Park‘s department ReLeaf program. The goal is to increase the number of trees in the city, both for aesthetics, as well as to help combat global warming. It’s a great program: we got our tree, and the only real catch was to plant it well, and have it within thirty feet of the street–our spot was easily in that zone.

The Kwanzan cherry tree, the one we selected from about a half-dozen options. Though it won’t produce fruit will have nice pink leaves, that turn green in the fall, and a nice spread.

Of course, ours looks like little more than a tall stick in the ground at the moment. Time will fix it. We picked it up and laid it in the back of my Brick. We carefully planted and watered it–a bit tricky, given how my front yard slopes.

I’m looking forward to see how this grows–I’m developing a good sense of patience for that sort of thing.

Posted 2013-10-14 by Mr. Guilt in Cincinnati, house

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