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Great Outdoor Weekend SignThis weekend was the Great Outdoor Weekend in the Greater Cincinnati area. Events were held by outdoor-oriented groups, or at some of Cincinnati’s incredible parks. You could the try archery, kayak, ride a zipline, or look at the stars. I love that folks have events like this to encourage outdoor activity, as well as showcase the great things Cincinnati has to offer across the whole region.

We decided to go to the event at Rowe Wood, part of Cincinnati’s Nature Center. Rowe Woods has over a thousand acres of land, which includes over sixteen miles of hiking trails. There is a main center about wildlife in Ohio, as well as various displays around the park.

They whole area is quite beautiful, and they have facilities for events in addition to education. While we were there, we saw at least one photographer using it as a backdrop for pictures of a couple, as well as a wedding (with their set of pictures as well).

The event for the great Outdoor Weekend was s’mores, which were supposed to happen on both Saturday and Sunday (we were there Sunday). This was a combination of what was age-appropriate for our daughter (many things were for ten and up), as well as our scheduled for the day. The event was in the “Playscape.” We hiked around, making a few wrong turns. However, we did get to see some pretty purple flowers.
Purple Flowers

we also saw some frogs hanging out in a pond.
Frog…in a Bog

The Playscape is actually a fenced off section within the site. On the approach is the Abner Howllow Pioneer Cabin. The cabin was built in the first part of the Nineteenth Century in Adam’s County (the third county to the west of Hamilton County (where Cincinnati is located), and immediately adjacent Brown County (where I found Eddy)). It was moved to this site in 1997 to educate visitors about early pioneer life.
Abner Hollow Pioneer Cabin

We got to the gate to the playscape, only to discover a chalkboard showing that they were only doing s’mores on Saturday. We went into the Playscape anyway. there were lots of rocks for my daughter to crawl over.
Victory Over the Rocks

As well as a waterfall and a creek for her to explore, and float a tree-bark boat in.
Caitlin's Boat

I spent a lot of time trying to take macro photographs of some very patient bees.
Bee 2

Bee 3

Bee 1

We then decided to take a hike. We saw two young deer.
Deer Siblings

And a couple waterfalls.

It was a great evening to be at Rowe Woods, and we had a great time.
Caitlin and Rebecca Hiking


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