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CRD Opening Turn

This weekend was the 2013 Cincinnati Celtic Festival. My wife’s group, Celtic Rhythm Dancers USA, performed. We had an absolutely gorgeous day for the festival–comfortable temperature and sunny. It was a great festival, if a bit smaller than Dayton or Columbus.
Opening Turn

For the second year, it was in Washington Park. This put “Cincinnati Music Hall” in the background quite nicely.


Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

Rebecca and the UmbrellaWe did have mild bit of drama before the performance. My cell phone rang just before it was time to leave. It was a coworker–someone on my team–who was had an issue he needed some assistance with. I made a few phone calls to help sort it, and got him on a course of action with a “Plan B” just in case. I told him to call me if additional input is required. However, it had us leaving the house a bit late.

An open work issue and running late always leaves me with frazzled nerves.

We drove to Washington Park, about seven miles from Columbia Tusculum. I dropped my wife off at the corner, then my daughter and I went to park the car. While my wife had pre-show prep to do, we still had forty-five minutes to go. We parked, and I checked my work email–no issues. My daughter and I got out of the car, when my wife texted me: she left the umbrella for the “Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head” number in her car. She said that she hadn’t retrieved it, as she thought my work call work call might force us to go separately. That was anything but an unreasonable assumption.

My daughter and I got back into the car, and had a mad dash back to the house. Mercifully, I wasn’t charged for the ten minutes I was parked.

Why is it, whenever you are in a hurry, there are all kinds of slow, stupid drivers out, mostly in front of you?

We got the umbrella, and drove back to Washington Park. we managed to park right next to the stage, and handed it to her moments before the start of the show. I figured we would get it to them in time for that number, but we were glad we were able to see all the numbers.


To the Right!

My wife substituted for a solo–something she just found out earlier in the week.
Rebecca's Solo

Triple Kick

They had a great show!

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