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Friday the Thirteenth?!?   Leave a comment

I spent the whole day writing emails referring to “Friday, September 13.” I was late making the connection. Even later did it occur to me: I have a black cat.

One does need to be careful with black cats on Friday the Thirteenth…they tend to steal your heart.
Luna Looks Down on Me
Well, she does that every day.

Truthfully, Luna wasn’t in a mood to pose. Beso always is willing to pose.
Beso, Having Deep Thoughts

Especially when you mention chicken!
Did Someone Say Chicken?

Thumb Around   Leave a comment

Having a kid is a great excuse to pull out various “skills” you had prior to adulthood, but have little reason to use today. I amazed my wife when I demonstrated I could make balloon animals. This weekend, I showed my daughter I could do a “thumbaround.”

As I may have mentioned, I was on the debate team in high school. For whatever reason, folk who did competitive speech in Louisiana in the mid-eighties all “twirled” their pens. I learned it sometime my freshman year of high school, throwing my Pilot BP-S around my thumb. The key thing was to get to the point where you could set it up, twirl, and reset with one hand consistently–otherwise, you were just trying too hard.

If you were really good, you could do both left and right hand simultaneously.

Don’t ask me to explain how I did it–it is somewhat like trying to explain how to tie your shoe. I know I was doing it in college, using a Cross Century ballpoint I was given as a high school graduation present. Once I started using fountain pens, I became worried about both damaging the nib and flinging ink everywhere. I rarely do this anymore.

Every now and then, though, when presented a supply cabinet pen, I give it a twirl, just to show I still got it.

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