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VIP Preview at Chuy’s Cincinnati   Leave a comment

Chuy's CincinnatiDuring our summer vacation to Nashville last year, we had a day where we found ourselves very hungry from a full day of activities. We noticed a Mexican restaurant that looked happenin’, so we decided to stopped in. This was one location of the Texas-based chain, Chuy’s.

We really dug it, stopping at other locations on our way home, as we didn’t have it in the Cincinnati area. We were excited when, about a month later, we learned they were opening one in Florence, Kentucky. That put it in the Cincinnati Metropolitan area, but not particularly close to our home, or really anyplace we go with any frequency.

Then, we learned they were opening a location in the Kenwood area. That’s not a significant drive from our house, off an Interstate we travel frequently, and near a lot of things we like to go to. Quite exciting! Through their Facebook page, we got invited to the “Redfish Ralley,” a sort-of preview, mostly to get some buzz going.

The Cincinnati location, Chuy’s first in Ohio, is opening August 20 (the day this should be posted). We were planning on going this week. That plan got accelerated when, on Friday, I got an email. They were having a VIP preview the night before, and some slots became available. Free food and soft drinks. They reached out to folks who attended the Redfish Rally. Would I be interested in going?

Oh yes. Yes we would.

Chuy’s prefers to redress existing buildings for their restaurants, so each one is a bit unique. I confess this is my favorite of the ones I’ve been too. In the entry way, the waiting room as Apollo-themed art.
Apollo Waiting Area

…with a rocket ship.

There are some elements all locations have in common. The bar has fish hanging from the ceiling.
Fish Bar

One dining room has palm trees.
Palm Tree

There is usually a shrine to Elvis. This one actually included two booths (but, people were eating, and I was feeling obnoxious enough as it was with the camera).
Elvis Shrine

Does the opening of a restaurant merit a whole blog post? Probably not. Mostly, it was just cool to be part of a VIP preview–usually I’m just a P, not necessarily VI. It was a fun time.

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