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Delete TetrisI’ve noted in the past that I have some bad habits with my SmartPhone. For the most part, they are annoyances, or, at worst, a touch on the inconsiderate side. I’m self-aware enough that I can make an effort to manage that behavior, though there are days I confess I’ll go into my own little iPhone world. My wife is off on Fridays, and sometimes meets me for lunch. A few weeks ago, she was dealing with a work thing on her phone, and I took the opportunity to confirm what was going on for me that afternoon. The waiter called us on it, which I found a bit amusing, though it didn’t immediately stop us (that said, after work was done, we didn’t pull them out for the rest of the meal).

There is one bad SmartPhone addiction I have, though, which requires a bit more aggressive action: Tetris. Whenever it’s on the phone, it becomes consuming. I’ll tell myself I’ll play a quick game while waiting for my family, but pretty soon, they are waiting on me. I’ve almost missed bus stops while engrossed in a game. Before long, I catch myself sneaking games during conference calls.

Once I realize I’m a bit out of control, I’ll delete it from my phone for a few months. Then, reload it for a week, only to delete it again. I don’t seem to have to do this to other games–they aren’t as consuming to me, and the interest fades after a while. Tetris is different, and the addictive nature is scientifically documented.

I keep trying to decide about this habit. Is my quarterly Tetris binge OK, given that I walk away from it from time to time? Is the fact that I am aware enough to know I need to delete it a sign of control, or an unhealthy relationship? How long will it stay off the phone this time?

Posted 2013-08-13 by Mr. Guilt in computers, Geeky, Random Tale

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