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63 miles Back at Miami Whitewater State Park   Leave a comment

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36 miles Finally Ordered Lunch   3 comments

Bagel & Deli had a rush today.

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35.21 Miles Leaving Hueston Woods   1 comment

Used to do this loop all the time in college. First time in ten-or-so years.

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21.86 Miles Gel Break in Oxford   Leave a comment

First stop here

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Luna and the Bag Handle   1 comment

We came home tonight with a paper grocery bag with loop handles. We set it on the floor as we put everything away, and turned around to discover Luna jumped into it. This is anything but uncommon in our house. We commented how cute she is, and went about our business.

She jumped out, wandered around a bit, then back in. I noticed she pushed in one of the sides of the bag. I walked over to check: she managed to get her head through one of the loops. This scares me a bit, so I reached in to try to free her. Luna, however, decided it was time to run away.

She jumped up and tore off…with the bag still flopping around her. She kept running, but couldn’t get away from the paper bag. My wife tried to catch her from the other direction. I didn’t see exactly what happened, but I next saw Luna running through the kitchen. However, she still had the loop handle and a chunk of the bag around her neck.

I tried to catch her, but she evaded me. She went down the cat-hole to the basement. As I mentioned, our basement is a stone basement. There is a gap in one wall under one room. It’s sealed from the outside, and some of the ductwork goes through it–it’s sort of a Jefferies tube that only a cat (Luna in particular) can access with any ease. Naturally, she jumped up there. Luna was only coming out on her terms.
Luna in the Jefferies Tube

We got out the treats and shook them. Beso and Eddy appeared at our feet. She approached, but there was no way I could grab her, hang on, and pull her out. I feared she was becoming scared of me. I puttered around the basement filling the tires on my bicycles, trying again here and there. I finally got the bag remnant off of her, so at least it would no longer be a choking hazard. I went upstairs and sat on the couch. She appeared five minutes later.

Life with cats is always an adventure!

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