Beso and Luna’s Second Adopt-a-Versary   2 comments

Two years ago today (August 9), we adopted Beso and Luna. It’s been a blast having them.
Beso, and Luna's Paw

Beso remains a very mellow cat. At first, we thought he was a bit of a scaredy cat. But that’s not exactly it. It’s more that he thinks things through deliberately. He remained calm at the vet, for example, where his sister was less comfortable.
Beso in Rebecca's Chair

Beso remains a kitten at heart. He loves to play with toys, and still has a great full-body butt wiggle when he goes to pounce.
Beso, in Rebecca's Chair, on his Side

Luna amuses us with her hacker-ninja ways. Tonight, she was setting up an ambush.
Luna's Paws

She loves to figure out new things, such as training me to hold her to the skylight. We love her insistent chirps when she needs something.
Flopped-Over Luna

It’s been great having them–we couldn’t imagine our house without the “kittens” in it. Happy Adopt-a-Versary, Beso and Luna.

Posted 2013-08-09 by Mr. Guilt in Beso, cats, Family, felis silvestris catus, Luna

2 responses to “Beso and Luna’s Second Adopt-a-Versary

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  1. Happy day for the kitties, too! They have the good life!

  2. Yaay! Happy adopt-a-versary! They’re so sweet. :) Love those paws.

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