Ending the Month with Post of My Cats   1 comment

Here we are on July 31. We’ve had a lot of posts with cats in them: canadian lynxes, jaguars and white lions, tawny lions, cheetahs and snow leopards, even a whole day for tigers.
No, Beso. You’re not really a Siberian tiger.

It seems like I might go the whole month without a post about Eddy, Beso, and Luna. Perhaps you don’t miss it. However, I wanted to try something with my camera, and they are (mostly) tolerant models, most of the time. It wasn’t Eddy’s night for that, however.
Stop With the Freakin' Camera, Primate!

Luna was simply sitting on the bed.
Pretty Luna

Beso, however, never lets anything bother him. Just takes it easy.
Inverted Beso

All in all, a good end to July.


Posted 2013-07-31 by Mr. Guilt in Beso, cats, Eddy, Family, felis silvestris catus, Luna

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  1. I love all your cats!

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