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My Puffin Education   5 comments

In Montreal, we paid a visit to the Biodôme, a facility that replicates the four environments found in North America (rainforest, woodlands, the waterway of the Saint Lawrence river, and the arctic). Each of four areas was populated with the flora and fauna of the respective environment. It was a fun site to visit.

The tropical area had not only the parrots, but a pair of caimans.

In the Saint Lawrence, some birds splashed about.
Just Splashin' Around

The sole cat was a Canadian lynx (there was a live camera of the other lynx…and their kittens).
Canadian Lynx

In the arctic, there were penguins and puffins. I don’t think I’ve ever seen puffins in person before.
Puffins on a Rock

I always assumed they were similar to penguins, and therefor flightless. But looking at their wings, they were of a different design.
Puffin Wingspan

In spite of their stout bodies, puffins can fly! Though their enclosure didn’t permit a lot of space, I got to see short hops.

I learned something pretty cool!
Puffin Flight

The Biodôme is located on the site of the 1976 Summer Olympics–the building was originally the velodrome. Next to it was the stadium, with the tower meant to support a removable dome.
Montreal Olympic Stadium

There are many more animals at the Biodôme, and they had some great exhibits.

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