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While in Ottawa, we went to the Canadian Museum of Aviation and Space. As the name implies, it is a museum dedicated to planes and spacecraft that were notable to Canada. There were several notable artifacts.

Perhaps the most noteworthy was the nose of the Avro CF-105 Arrow, a fighter that was developed in Canada in the 1950s. Had it been completed, it would have been the most advanced interceptor of its day.
CF-105 Nose

After about a year of test flights, the program was cancelled, under significant controversy. Adding insult to injury was that the prototypes and all the jigs and other equipment specific to is production were ordered destroyed. All that remains is the nose section on display at the museum behind a CF-18. Even that bit was done at a great deal of personal and professional risk to those who saved it. The Cf-105 is one of the many “what might have been” stories of aviation.
Hornet and Arrow

Under pressure from NORAD partners, the BOMARC missile was purchased instead (and also on display).

Another unique aircraft was the one the Arrow was meant to replace, the CF-100 Canuck.
CF-100 Canuck

The CF-104 is the RCAF designation of the F-104 Starfighter.

While still in service, a CF-18 (the Canadian designation of the Boing F/A-18) was on display.

This one’s unit appears to use a cougar as its mascot.
Cougar on a Hornet (1)

The cougar is also on the vertical stabilizer. Also notice the signatures on the inside of the opposite one–I’m not sure what they are, as I didn’t even notice them until I was reviewing my pictures.
Cougar on a Hornet (2)

The museum had a bit of Hadfield-mania was present in the museum. The guitar he took on his first flight was on display.
Hadfield's First Space Guitar

Over the entry hall is a Canadiar CT-114 Tutor trainer, in the colors of the Snowbirds.
Inverted Snowbird

Another was awaiting restoration.
Awaiting Restoration

While a relatively small museum, it was a great overview of Canadian aerospace history, and had several unique pieces.


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