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We were in Ottawa on Canada Day, the “birthday” of Canada. We spent most of it on Parliament Hill, as the signs said that was the place to be for Canada day.
Caitlin and Rebecca at Parliament Square

We started our morning, of course, at Tim Horton’s.
Tim Horton's on Canada Day!

The museums were free, so we saw some art.
Spider Art

…then were attacked by art!
When Art Attacks

We went to the Canadian Mint, and lifted gold bars.
Lifting a Gold Bar

At noon, there was a big performance. It started with a CF-18 buzzing our street. It had no missiles, so it could have been ceremonial (with a CAP higher up).
CF-18 Fly-Over

The Snowbirds did a fly-over, too.
Snowbird Fly-By

Snowbird Fly-Over

Chris Hadfield, my new favorite astronaut, performed at both the morning an evening show. He’s a real Canadian hero, and one of the best advocates for space out there. We were anything but close–the pic below is cropped. An unretouched picture from the same sequence shows how far out we were (and explains the lack of quality).
Chris Hadfield

He was at the evening show, which we also attended. Our location was more-or-less the same, but here’s a video of his evening performance from someone much closer than me. He’s performing with with Ed Robertson from Barenaked Ladies.

We walked around to the parks, and enjoyed the day. It was quite a privilege to celebrate our neighbor’s birthday in their capital.
Parliament, from Behind

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