Year of Fifteens: Marriage   1 comment

Rebecca in Ottawa1998 was a busy year for us–lots of big, happy things in our life. So, this year we are celebrating observing several fifteen year anniversaries.

Fifteen years ago, I got married to my favorite person in the world, my wife.

My wife is an incredible woman. She’s someone who can find a way for us to do everything we may want to do, be it trying to squeeze in twenty different things into a weekend afternoon, or take on challenges like riding a century. I’m proud of her for her dedication to her own activities as well. Though we are older than when we met in college, I don’t feel like we are, thanks to her. It’s because we’ve haven’t settled into a routine and are stagnant (though some aches in the morning remind us that we aren’t twenty anymore). She is the key enabler of this.

So, I want to thank my wife for the wonderful life we have together, and the great adventures we take on every day together.


Posted 2013-07-05 by Mr. Guilt in Year of Fifteens

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  1. Congratulations to the two of you! It’s wonderful to be able to look at the person you married 15 years ago and say you’re still deeply in love with her.

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