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We crossed the border into Canada in New York State, entering the Thousand Islands region. This is where the Saint Lawrence river runs, and is a gorgeous place! The crossing is on an island. You can see US Customs, on the left, and Canadian customs, on the right. Between them, the road crosses a small stream–you don’t even notice as you cross. It is the shortest international bridge in the world.
Short Bridge

We went up a four hundred foot tall tower, the Skydeck, to check out the view.
Skydeck Tower

Off in the distance was Boldt Castle, which was built in 1900.
Boldt Castle

A statue of Saint Lawrence watches over his river.
Saint Lawrence Overlooks His River

The Thousand Island region boasts 1,864 islands in the Saint Lawrence River. For some, it’s a private islands. Others are spanned with bridges (and border crossings).
Saint Lawrence River

Saint Lawrence River (East)

The crossing, as well as the Skydeck, were on an island. Crossing this bridge, we continued to the Canadian mainland.
Onward to Canada!

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  1. That is a beautiful area! We went years ago, but my daughters still remember riding a tour boat between the islands. (I forbade my husband from renting a canoe. The waters were calm, but I didn’t want to be end up in the drink with two little girls and an upside-down canoe.)

  2. I hope the stairs weren’t the only way up the tower. That would freak me out!

  3. Beautiful! Enjoy your vacation.

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