Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum   1 comment

Our first stop on our summer vacation was the Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum. It is located in Neil Armstrong’s birthplace, Wapakoneta, Ohio. They have many artifacts from the famous astronaut’s life.

Outside, you’re greeted by the F5D Skylancer. Armstrong flew this prototype aircraft to develop maneuvers for the unfortunately canceled X-20 Dyna-Soar program.
Caitlin, Rebecca, and the Skylancer

Inside, there was the Areonca Champion he got his pilots license in, along with a model of the X-15 he flew as a test pilot.
Armstrong's Aircraft

The Gemini VII was Armstrong’s first mission into space. He saved his crew, quickly thinking to fire the retrorockets to compensate for a faulty thruster that had his ship in a spin. The capsule from that mission is on display.
Gemini VIII

There are a lot of other artifacts, including a moon rock, at this museum honoring one of Ohio’s great astronauts.
Family at the Neil Armstrong Air & Space Museum


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  1. Yay! Neat place!

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