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On Eddy’s birthday post, I was asked if I had any kitten pictures of Eddy. Most of my pre-iPhoto/Aperture photos are less-than-well-organized, but I did find two, from the very first weekend he was living with us.

In fact, this photo was taken within an hour of his coming into our house–you can see I still have my bike shorts under regular shorts. It was a long drive to the ride, and I liked looking “normal” if I had to stop along the way. You might think that it was a wise call, given that I stopped at the vet to have him checked out on the way home, except that our vet is also a cyclist (I remember passing a bike on the way to the exam room). We actually talked a bit about the ride itself (meh–Eddy was easily the best part of it).
Eddy Comes Home

Later that weekend, for a post in my old Phlog blog, I took a picture of him on the saddle of my bike.
Eddy Dreams of Yellow

He was a cute kitten, and grew into a handsome cat. We’re glad to have him as part of the family.

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9 responses to “Baby Eddy

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  1. Oh my goodness. What a cutie he was. (He still is, but kitteny cutie!) His paws look huge on him! <3 <3 Thanks for finding them and sharing. I miss kittens… sigh.

  2. adorable! thank you for sharing the Baby Eddy photos. I wish I had kitten photos of Chun. it’s so precious so see them when they were teeny.

  3. Aww—he was a cute kitten! We’ve discovered a mother and kittens here at Phantomxii Estates(tm). The kittens are around the size of Eddy in these photos. It’s not clear if they’ve taken up residence or are just passing through. The adorable little squirts do appear to be strays, and at the very least need some spay/neuter attention.

  4. Awww. Eddy really was and is adorable! Love the bike seat pic. And he has such happy feet in the first pic. He’s happy to have a home!

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