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I was digging through a box, and came across an envelope from Kroger’s photo processing. Once upon a time, I was shooting pictures with film. The envelope was dated November, 1996. Some of the pictures made me question why I clicked the button, given that both film and processing cost real money then (rather than the frivolous pictures-of-lunch we have on our iPhones).

Still, there were a few ones that were pretty cool. There were a few photos of Maggie, my first cat. As I mentioned before, she was living in my wife’s parking lot over that summer, and we decided to start with her living with me. It was a nervous thing for me, because, until then, I was not a cat person. She moved in mid-September, so she was with me for at most two months when these pictures were taken.
Maggie on the Bed, 1996

I recall this shot–it occurred to me that I hadn’t taken any pictures yet, and was worried that I might need one.
Maggie Behind the Futon

She was a beautiful cat, and finding these pictures was a very pleasant surprise.


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  1. Very cool. It’s nice to see old pictures of our departed furballs. Great pictures, too. She was a beauty.

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