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Butterfly #10

My daughter and I went to the International Butterfly Show at the Krohn Conservatory.

I’m’ not as familiar with butterfly species, and didn’t take notes. So, this post will have lots of (hopefully) pretty pictures of butterflies, but not as much text.
Butterfly #4

Butterfly #2

This is an annual event, focussing on butterflies of a different region each year. This year’s theme was “Butterflies of Morocco.” They had a photo booth set up, with a fez (’cause fezzes are cool).
Caitlin in a Fez

Butterfly #1

Butterfly #8

We were given “landing cards” for the butterflies to land on, if they wanted to.
Butterfly #3

Butterfly #6

But some just chose to land on us directly.
Butterfly on My Sock

One started on my daughter’s card…
Caitlin Gets a Butterfly

…and moved to her hand…
Butterfly Jumps on Caitlin's Hand

…and then her chest. It actually climbed up to her neck, at which time she decided it was a bit creepy. I was a good dad, putting down my camera to rescue her.
Butterfly on Caitlin's Neck!

Butterfly #5

Butterfly #7

They really were pretty to look at. There was something a bit magical about being in a garden with literally hundreds of butterflies fluttering about.
Butterfly #9

Butterfly #12

It really was a lovely afternoon at the butterfly show.
Butterfly #11

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  1. I wonder if the intricate patterns on the landing cards attract the butterflies.

    • I had wondered that, too, but saw no behavior that suggested they did. They were as likely to land on my hat as they were the cards. I think the pattern was more in keeping with the Morocco theme.

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