Eddy’s Ninth Birthday   4 comments

Eddy Portrait

Birthday CalendarWhen I found Eddy, the vet said he was twelve weeks old. so, I counted backward on a calendar twelve weeks…and somehow remembered the date wrong. However, June 6 has been observed as his birthday ever since.

And, today is his ninth June 6 since he was born.

Most of the time, he’s the world’s sweetest cat. He waits for me to settle in bed, then makes a nest between my legs. This evening, after I was out all day, he jumped into my lap to get his head rubbed. True, when he goes to the vet, or escapes outside (he’s an indoor-only cat (in spite of what he may tell you)), he reminds us that he is a subspecies of wild cat (felis silvestris). Still, he is sweet 8,763 out of 8,766 hours a year. Most people I know can’t claim that.

Today, he is extremely mellow.
Dreamy Barn Cat

Dozed a bit.
Lazy Barn Cat

And dreamed of chicken.
Sleep Tasting

Happy Birthday, Eddy!
Paws Out!


Posted 2013-06-06 by Mr. Guilt in cats, Eddy, Family, felis silvestris catus

4 responses to “Eddy’s Ninth Birthday

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  1. Happy Birthday, handsome Eddy!

  2. Happy birthday! Eddy is beautiful. do you have any kitten pix?

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