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1998 was a busy year for us–lots of big, happy things in our life. So, this year we are celebrating observing several fifteen year anniversaries.

Pic from Atrium Badge (1998)Fifteen years ago, on June 1, 1998, I started with my company, a large IT consulting company. I gripe about it a lot, and do have concerns about the stability of the group I”m in. However, I also realize I’ve have a number of opportunities to expand my skills, and have been successful there. I definitely think I’ve grown as a professional, and hope that I’ve lead others at my company well.

When I started, I was a Windows Systems Administrator. While I had been in the “real world” for about five years, I could definitely tell I was going to need to step up my game. I was promoted to a manger in 2001, and, since 2005, have been the data center manager. There are days when I’m on the phone and dealing with something. I listen to myself, and wonder how I learned to talk like this, or deal with the problems in front of me. I realize that the experiences I have had working at my company, and the people I work with, have taught me those skills.

The picture is from my building ID, taken when I started. I’ve changed a bit since then as well.


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