Welcome Back, Silly Little Wall Lizards   3 comments

Though they are spreading throughout Cincinnati, Columbia-Tusculum is original home of the Lazarus lizards, an introduced species from Europe.
Lizard in the Mulch

They love to romp around our rock walls.
Lizard Profile on the Rock

Lizard on the Rock

While we were taking pictures, Pinot, the very friendly indoor/outdoor cat of our neighbor, came to say “hi.” Being primarily known as a cat photographer, I had to take her picture.
Pinot Approaches

And why not? She’s a very pretty cat.
Pinot in the Grass

But we were really glad to see our first sign of spring, the silly little wall lizards.
Peeking Lizard


3 responses to “Welcome Back, Silly Little Wall Lizards

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  1. We have salamanders up here in SE Michigan, but no wall lizards! Hooray for spring!!
    Pinot is a very pretty cat!

  2. Columbia-Tusculum might be their original location here in town, but my driveway is currently a wall lizard hotspot. I have to dodge three or four of them every time I go to my car.

    • You’re not that far from me, so I’m not surprised. I’ve actually seen them at the zoo (as tourists), and have heard reports of them in OTR and Northside.

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