April 2013 Hodge-Podge   1 comment

Skylight #cats #catsofinstagram

Me and Mrs. Guilt

Forbes magazine used a photo I took in their post “Return Free Tax Filing? Sure, With an Insanity Free Tax Code.”

Time for Spring Cleaning!

We went bowling at Star Lanes.
Little Miss Guilt bowls

My wife’s work laptop seems to have WiFi issues–it keeps disconnecting for no clear reason. She had an important project, so, under the supervision of the Hacker Ninja Princess, we improvised.
Cat5 #cats #catsofinstagram

I made French toast with the Hawaiian bread, which is now what I regard as the best bread EVER for that particular dish. I took a photo of my plate, before syrup and butter, and put it on Instagram. Then my wife did me one better, with whipped cream and berries. My daughter, however, had the prettiest plating yet.
Her mother's daughter #food


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  1. I love Calvin & Hobbes!!! And Luna. … And French Toast…

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