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I’ve had a fear I’ve been in a bread rut. It’s been challah…challah…Irish soda bread…challah…French bread… I really wanted to not be a one trick pony. So I’ve been looking for interesting breads. While I can find almost any bread recipe I want on the Internet, I have to know what I want. Now that is a challenge!

On the Foodies Night In chat a few weeks ago, Red Star Yeast provided a link to their Pinterest board. Jackpot! Scores of breads to try, with pictures and everything!

The first candidate was Hawaiian Honey Bread. The recipe was interesting, and I knew my wife had gotten it in the past. So, I went to work. I was rather surprised–there were only two fifteen-minute rising sessions before putting it in the oven. Challah, by contrast, rises for an hour and forty-five minutes. But, it appeared to rise like I might expect, so I was comfortable putting it in the oven.

After about ten minutes in the oven, my wife called to me. “You might want to pull the racks out of the oven.” It came out, and I was quite surprised.
Hawaiian Honey bread

We pulled it out of the pan, and studied it a bit. How were going to cut it? I decided to split it down the middle.
Cut in half

It turned out it was almost six inches high.
6 inches tall

The bread was good–I probably could have pulled it out about five minutes earlier, as the bottom was a bit overdone on the crust. The interior was fluffy. The egg content will likely mean it will brown well on a grilled cheese sandwich…if I can figure out how to cut it for that purpose. Next time, I might try to do a more loaf-shape on a silpat.

Given that it is relatively quick to make and a good taste, I think this will enter our rotation, and help resolve my rut.

Posted 2013-04-24 by Mr. Guilt in food

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  2. Thanks for linking to my Hawaiian Honey Bread!

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