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About two weeks after Beso and Luna came to live with us, we got them a Dream Curl, a combination scratching post and jungle gym. They all love it, but it was beginning to show its age.
Old Dream Curl

We’ve been keeping our eyes open for a replacement. We noted at Petsmart today that the Kong Wave Scratch and Play Roller was on sale. We decided it was time for an upgrade. Toy addict Beso was the first to check it out.
Beso Investigates

He really dug it, and was anxious to show his sister how it worked.
Beso Explains to Luna

She got the hang of it pretty quickly.
Luna Bats at the Kong

Eddy showed up to see what was going on.
Eddy and the Toy

…and got his turn.
Got It!

Thus, my cats got a new place to hang out.
Coalition Playtime


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