Kittens’ Second Birthday   5 comments

Most folks are familiar with the Chinese Zodiac, if only though placemats at Chinese restaurants. In 2011, by the Western calendar, the world entered Year of the Rabbit by that reckoning. The Vietnamese Zodiac mostly follows the Chinese one, except they don’t use the rabbit. When Tết was celebrated that year, it was for the Year of the Cat. As it turns out, many wonderful cats were born that year. For instance, snow leopards Renji and Nubo were born during the Year of the Cat, among other cats.

Most importantly (to me) were two kittens born on April 15: Beso and Luna! My “kittens” are now two years old, still chasing after toys in kittenish ways (if not with kittenish sizes).

The first time we saw Beso, he was laying on his back in a hammock. We joked about him being kind of a laid back “surfer dude.” That personality has persisted. He is the most toy-oriented of any cat I’ve ever had, always ready to chase after a puff ball or birdie.
Beso and Birdie
Money spent on toys is not wasted on this cat.

He is also a big cat. Some of it is that he’s…ahem…”fluffy.” However, it is also muscle. I joke that he’s an Amur tiger (the largest felid), and a description I once read, of the Amur tiger’s “heavy grace” is apt.
Looking Up

He is a handsome cat.
Beso Lounges

In this house, no box goes unexplored, no device uninspected, no window not looked out of, at least not since Luna joined the family. Every time I think I’ve seen everything that a cat can get in to or show interest in, she proves me wrong. I think it’s her hacker-ninja-princess nature.
Luna in the Box

She’s a pretty cat, on the smaller end of “average.” She is healthy and athletic.
Luna Portrait, at Two Years

Eddy remains the kittens’ mentor, and he and Beso are clearly a coalition. I often see them bathing each other, or stalking after something (even if it is a water facet).

Happy birthday, Beso and Luna! May you have many more with us!


5 responses to “Kittens’ Second Birthday

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  1. Awww. happy birfday, kittenses! This means Sprocket must be nearly 2 as well. time passes so quickly.

    They were adorable kittens and now they are gorgeous kittehs.

  2. Happy birthday kitties! I can’t believe I thought Luna was Beso-sized LOL! She most CLEARLY is not! I hope I have not offended her! Hugs all around, thank you for including an Eddy picture!

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