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Yesterday, we went to check our mailbox, where a lot of packages get sent. I’ve had it since I moved to Cincinnati in 1995. The people there basically have watched our daughter go from being carried in in a pumpkin seat eight-and-a-half years ago, to running in to check the box while we sit in the car. She’s becoming useful.

This time, my wife and I watched the folks hand her a box. As she closed the mailbox and came back, we tried to figure out what it might be. Neither one of us could recall having ordered something. No one’s birthday was particularly close. My daughter entered the car: the package was for me. She spent the rest of the car ride trying to open it (with my blessing).

Good cook.com prizes

The card said “congratulations” from GoodCook.com. It was a small whisk and a wooden spoon. Both look nice–the whisk will likely get pressed into frequent service for egg washes among other things. There was still the mystery of why it was sent to me.

I enter a lot of contests online, but didn’t remember winning this. My e-mail didn’t turn up anything. Finally, I poked around my twitter direct messages, and some of the associated feeds. It was part of a joint promotion with Cooking with Caitlin–the first thousand respondents received this package. It was about six weeks ago, so I guess I had forgotten, or assumed I was Mr. 1001.

So, thanks GoodCook.com and Cooking with Caitlin. It is both cool gear and a nice surprise on a Friday afternoon.

Posted 2013-04-13 by Mr. Guilt in amusing, Interesting

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  1. Woo hoo for winning! … I hope you make something delicious I can drool over :)

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