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On Foodies’ Night In a couple weeks ago, the topic was bread. Lots of recipes were exchanged, as well as a whole discussion of pretzel bread. I was intrigued–my daughter often requests pretzels, but they aren’t useful for everyday bread consumption. This hybrid sounded like a good middle-ground.

A bit of googling, and I found a recipe for pretzel challah, which incorporates one of our favorite breads. The recipe suggested making two loaves. This seemed like a good idea, both because I didn’t have a pot that could boil a whole loaf at once, as well as allowing me to make both a salted and unsalted (for my daughter’s cinnamon toast) versions.
Pretzel Challah

On one hand, it was quite tasty, and had the combination of challah and pretzel that was promised. On the other hand, it was a lot of work–printed, the instructions ran three pages. Probably overkill, but still a lot. The small loaves meant that the slices were really too small for most uses–it’s fun for a bit of cheese, but it doesn’t make a decent sized sandwich. I don’t see it entering my usual bread rotation, but it is a fun change of pace.


Posted 2013-04-09 by Mr. Guilt in food

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  1. For the first time in my life, I tried a sample of challah at Whole Foods the other day… and it was amazing. I wanted to stand there at the bin and eat it all but figured that would be really shameful, so I didn’t. These look even more delicious, now that I have an idea of what they taste like!!

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