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Ordered an Americano (with room) from Coffee Emporium at Queen City Square. It was written up in a very patriotic fashion.
Americano, documented very patriotically from @coffeeqcs

Last year, I posted about Harry Methvin, one of my high school English teachers, and his assignment to recite Marc Antony’s eulogy of Julius Ceaser. On March 14, he was inducted into my high school’s hall of fame. Congratulations!

On chocolate.

In a restaurant bathroom, I saw this sign, which raised a lot of questions. Is there only one employee at this establishment, or only one who is expected to “wash hands?” If the latter, does he know who he is? Also, how is “washing hands” different from washing hands (see here for what I mean)?
I hope the employees wash hands and not just "wash hands."

Came across a cool radio program on WNKU. It’s Little Steven’s Underground Garage, hosted by Steven Van Zandt. It’s a need tour of the history of Rock’n’Roll, and associated pop culture. For two hours, he plays some pretty awesome music. I found the podcast version in iTunes, though I haven’t found it elsewhere.

Thirsty kitties, drinking the best. Water. EVER! #cats #catsofinstagram

I’d forgotten how nice it is to be outside without a jacket.
I forgot what it was like to be outside without a jacket


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