Pen Monkey Likes You   5 comments

Meet Pen Monkey.
Pen monkey

I’m not really a fan of monkeys. I came across him in my father’s office, and claimed him. Based on the marking under his foot, he came from Levenger. Like my rocking blotter, they carry don’t it anymore. However, he’s been handy as a memento of my dad, get pens out of the way, or for photographs. You’ve seen him several times. He can hold fountain pens, of course…
Pen monkey holds fountain pens
1944 Parker Vacumatic

…and ballpoints.
Pen monkey holds fountain pens
Waterman Expert, also claimed from my father’s desk.

Today, while on an outage call, I discovered he can also hold SmartPhones.
Pen Monkey holds SmartPhones

Handy little primate!

Here’s the inspiration for the title.

5 responses to “Pen Monkey Likes You

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  1. Cool. I have a monkey that looks a lot like that except that he’s holding a little mirror and staring at himself.

    By the way, I was in Seattle recently and found a gigantic book about pens on display in a bookstore. I write with a pen that costs $1.19 and have no special interest in writing utensils, but it still looked like a fascinating book to me (full of history, design, brands, etc). I took a picture so I’d remember to mention it to you.

    • Which bookstore was it at?

      One of the things that draws me to pens (no pun intended) was how they evolved, from a technology perspective (moving from eyedropper fillers to modern cartridge systems for fountain pens, or more broadly to see ballpoints and rollerballs enter the scene), a design one (reflecting tastes of the day), and an economic one (costs driving down from $7 for a 1920 Duofold ($79.33 in 2012 dollars) to $1.19 or less (and the cosponsoring impact on literacy)). It’s also interesting to see what companies survive while others fade away.

  2. It was on display at Elliott Bay Booksellers. They’re a large independent store; they remind me of Joseph-Beth but with more of an emphasis on books and less of an emphasis on Vera Bradley purses.

    • I’ve been there! On my one-and-only trip to Seattle. We discovered that area on our last day.

      While the Vera Bradley purses are kinda annoying, I try to view it as a trade-off: having that gives them a revenue stream that will help their doors to stay open. This means they can have have book signings, children’s reading hours, or the odd bit of live music, and other non-purse-related things.

      • I agree with your purse theory. I just try to avoid looking at them as the patterns tend to make me dizzy.

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