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We were supposed to go to my in-laws for Passover last weekend, but the weather made a trip to Indianapolis unwise. I was on point to make goodies, though, and I decided to proceed. Well, I staffed it out.

My daughter is making a French silk pie with a nut crust, which is also going to be my wife’s birthday “cake.” She did about 85% of the work, relying on my for a few things here and there. she’s becoming quite the baking.
French Silk Pie

I decided to make some macaroons. Word of advice: if you get recipes off the Internet, print or save a copy, so you’ll still have it. I went to the post which has the recipe, but, at the time, their bandwidth limit was exceeded, so I could get there. Fortunately, it was posted elsewhere, and I remembered the recipe well enough that I could recognize it. It’s not the first time something has happened to an online recipe. In another case, the site simply went away. I had a print-up of the recipe, messed up by flour and water, that allowed me to recreate the dish. Still, I’m going to check my recipe binder to make sure all my favorites are accounted for.

I think this was the prettiest batch I’ve ever made.
Little haystacks of coconut goodness. #baking #food


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2 responses to “Pies and Macaroons

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  1. Your baking is always amazing. It’s really cute that your daughter helps out – it looks like she produced quite the pie… that I wish I could sample. I also wish I could sample those macaroons. LE SIGH.

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