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For my personal Internet presence, I make an effort to minimize the direct ties back to me personally. Where I have to use my real name, I lock down the privacy controls, and minimize references to my employer (save, of course, for LinkedIn). However, for publishing my own things, I use a pseudonym, “MrGuilt,” for public forums wherever I can. It’s not airtight–someone spending a few minutes drilling down can likely link the two. However, it does make it take just that much work, keeping someone from typing in a term in Google and making the link.

Not that I suspect many people care that I’m making posts about cats, fountain pens, and baking. However, once in a while, there is something bigger rattling around in my brain. I may write it in my journal, and feel I need to share it with the world, but fear that it might make me look bad to my employer (or to others in the world). Again, I’m OK with my usual readers seeing it, I just don’t want it to be at the top of a Goggle search.

What I really want is a brown paper bag–one where anyone can access it if they choose to, but it would require a trivial bit of extra effort. ROT13 is how it used to be done, back in the days of USENET.* Basically, it is a simple substitution cypher. I know that I can also password protect a post–an interesting solution (many have either done two posts, with one of them being “here’s the password for the other post,” or just have an established standard (“type the date it came up”)). Both options achieve the desired goal.

However, I was wondering, how do others handle this? Do they use one of the methods I describe above? Have a cleaner solution? Simply accept that editorial discretion may preclude some posts?

*Historically, ROT13 was often used for things we now call “NSFW.” Nothing I would post would be obscene, or really NSFW, more that it might cause me embarrassment.


Posted 2013-03-19 by Mr. Guilt in rant, Web 0.2

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  1. Hm. I wish I could be of help here. I always refer to you as Mr. Guilt (even though I know your real name) to hopefully protect your true identity should someone snoop around via me to find out about you (unlikely but you never know). Maybe you need a password protected thing? I know it’s lame but… I have nothing else lol.

    I enjoy your cat, pen, and food posts :)

    • It’s only once in a while it comes up, and usually it’s about work. While some of it may be my job in particular, I spend a lot of time thinking about how we work in the Twenty-First Century, and the impact of things such as SmartPhones, expectations of hours, etc. Some of this is fairly neutral (like observations around SmartPhone managers). Other things I’d worry would reflect poorly on me at my current employer (or anyplace I might apply to who plugs my name into google).

      If I could find a site that could do ROT13 to a web page (so I could just embed a link), I might go that route. There is something fun and retro about that (like my bottle of Noodler’s Blue Ghost).

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