Celtic Lands Festival 2013   2 comments

Hard Shoe Line

My wife’s dance group, the Celtic Rhythm Dancers USA, performed at the Cincinnati Museum Center‘s Celtic Lands Festival.
A Capella--End

I was running late, so wasn’t able to scope out a good spot. There seem to be heads in every photo (at least the unprocessed version). Still, they looked good.

The new dance was to the tune of “Singing in the Rain,” complete with umbrellas.
Singing in the Rain--US Umbrellas 1

Singing in the Rain--Ireland Umbrellas 1

Singing in the Rain--US Umbrellas 2

Singing in the Rain--End

As you can imagine, they will be dancing a lot this coming weekend. Among other shows, you can see them at the Irish Heritage Center at 4:45 on Saturday, March 16, and 3:30 on Sunday, March 17 at Washington Park. I’ll likely be at the latter performance (and there will probably be more photos)!
Celtic Rhythm Dancers


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  1. That looks like great fun!

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