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February Hodge-Podge   3 comments

Nice to have help making the bed.
Nice to have help making the bed. #cat #catsofinstagram (Luna is one of the lumps under the blanket)

This manhole cover was next to the sidewalk, on the side furthest from the street. What’s stranger is that I didn’t see a manhole nearby, covered or otherwise.
Random manhole cover

Savanna, the cheetah cub from the Cincinnati Zoo, made an appearance at a happy hour at my gym. I thought it was neat to see the planet’s fastest runner underneath the running track.
Runners up and down #cheetah #cats #catsofinstagram
Phone’s digital zoom wasn’t the best for this shot.

Seen in the “for him” section of Valentine’s gifts.

We watched a show that included a segment on Fum, a black cat, and Gebra, his owl buddy. Luna was fascinated, mostly with Fum.
Luna watches a show about Fum and Gebra

Canstruction in the Main Library
An AfriCAN elephant, I assume.

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ISO Date Format   Leave a comment

Yesterday’s XKCD comic alerted me to the fact that I’ve doing dates wrong:

Since 2000, I’ve used four-digit years, as I don’t want to relive that mess. My wife agrees: we’re teaching our daughter that. I wasn’t aware of the ISO 8601 standard for dates. However, it makes sense.

I’ve reset my blog to use that date format. The new challenge: can I get into that habit when I have to enter a date by hand? For that matter, will I remember when I write a date in a notebook?

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