Bean Bags for Barn Cats   2 comments

When my daughter was very little, she was fascinated by a bean bag kiosk at the mall. Whenever we went, she’d have to stop, and lounge in one of their bean bags. At the time, her favorite color was pink, and, as luck would have it it, they had a pink one. Eventually, someone gave her one, embroidered with her name.

Over the last few months, this has become Eddy’s favorite hang-out later in the evening. It’s kept on the end of the couch when my daughter isn’t using it. Around the time the Daily Show comes on, he usually curls up there.
He has his bean bag back. #cats #catsofinstagram

Sometimes he has a friend.
They moved to the bean bag.

Though often they are off doing Important Cat Business, so he has it to himself.
I think the blanket is in his way. #cats #catsofinstagram

Last week, my daughter had it out, and didn’t put it away. My wife and I hadn’t gotten around to putting it back ourselves. So, when we heard the voice of Jon Stewart, I looked over the end of the couch, and saw that Eddy had to improvise with a cushion-backed lap desk.
A resourceful cat knows how to improvise. #cats #catsofinstagram

Clever boy!

2 responses to “Bean Bags for Barn Cats

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  1. Super cute! Love the furkids!

  2. You already know I think this is the cutest thing ever. Just mentioning it again. :)

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