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tweet graphLast night, Twitter enabled me to download an archive of all my tweets, dating back to January of 2007. This was about six months after Twitter become public. At that point, the “@” notation was not part of the system, but a convention the users themselves were using. As of right now, I have made 39,789 tweets, so there is a fair amount of data there.

My first tweet: “On the bus.”

Twitter for me didn’t really pick up until two things happened. First, dedicated twitter clients allowed it to move to something I felt I had to go out of my way to use, but was a little feed I could monitor out of the corner of my eye. This was particularly handy during major events. Like many, Twitter was how I learned about the Miracle on the Hudson as it happened.

Second, I started to get friends on twitter, both folks I already new joining, and making friends who I know primarily through twitter. This is turned twitter into my “virtual water cooler.” Whenever I needed a break, there were usually some folks chat for a few moments. It also proved to be fun during major national events, like the 2008 and 2012 Olympics, or the elections that occurred that year. At times, even just watching the same TV show with other users was fun.

I also discovered that twitter was a good way to document my life. I’ve been known to page through my twitter feed to figure out when I did something. The archive was interesting in that I could see my real-time thoughts to what was going on. It was really fun to go back and read the tweets from when we first brought home Beso and Luna, or some of the vacations we’ve had. The archive is proving to be an interesting diary to my life over the last five years.

I’ve really found Twitter to be a neat tool. I can gather a variety of information, and can share as much (or as little) as I like. For example, I’ve gone out of my way to avoid having my employer’s name directly mentioned. It has created a community that I’m happy to be part of.

If you don’t already follow me, here’s my twitter feed.

Posted 2013-02-17 by Mr. Guilt in computers, Internet

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