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Heart-Shaped Pizza FAIL!   Leave a comment

Last year, I was rather successful in making a heat shaped pizza for Valentine’s day. This year, I promised my daughter I’d do it again. I pulled out my pizza dough recipe and trusty mixer, and made dough last night. The dough felt stiff, but I managed to make something more-or-less heart-shaped.
Heart Shaped Pizza–precooking

I was going to cut the peppers into strips, and make hearts out of them. However, they weren’t long enough to bend the way I wanted them to, so I gave up and diced them. In retrospect, I should have arranged the diced pieces into hearts. I baked the pizza, and, as it grew in the oven, the dent at the top rounded out, making it look less heart-shaped than…pizza shaped.
Heart Shaped Pizza–cooked

It also got a bit crispier than I usually like it. I realized after the fact I used extra virgin olive oil, rather than just plain olive oil. That may have impacted the baking. I’ll know to do it better in the future.

In any case, it still tasted good.

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