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Answering Search Engine Queries, Volume Two   Leave a comment

One of the neat things about WordPress is that I can see what terms people are using in search engines to find my blog. Some, like “clouded leopard pictures” are pretty natural and general. Others I seem to have something spot on, such as advice on keeping pens.

However, I often see queries which I think are very good questions, but I don’t think I answer them very well, and there may not be a good, concise answer on the web (many of these are about cats). In the interest of improving my blogging, as well as advocating and educating about the subjects I love, I’ve decided to track the more interesting queries, and periodically answer them. This is the second installment, the first is here.

Refill for f-301 compact

I wrote a review of the Zebra F-301 Compact after receiving a sample from Jet Pens. I actually gave the sample to my wife, though we are both fond of the pen. It takes the “F-Type” ballpoint refill, which is a great ballpoint refill. It fits both the compact and full sized Zebra 301 ballpoint pens.

Why is the black footed cat endangered?

The black-footed cat, Africa’s smallest feline, has numerous threats, most of which are man-made. Its prey base is being reduced due to overgrazing by cattle. Poison, targeting pests, is impacting its numbers as well. Finally, dogs used to hunt jackals are a major threat to the species.

Proud CaracalWhen do caracals sleep?

Caracals are another African cat. Unfortunately, they are perceived as pests by many ranchers. However, in places where their wild prey is abundant, no traces of livestock is found in their droppings. They are known for the tufts at the top of their ears, and can jump high enough to take down a bird in flight.

Caracals are nocturnal animals, preferring to find cool crevices to sleep in during the day.

Why do cats poof up?

We all seen cats puff up when angry or frightened. Perhaps it’s just the cat’s tail, or the whole body. I know when Eddy has a poofy tail to give him some space. The goal is to make the cat appear bigger to its threat, hopefully scaring it away and avoiding a confrontation. It is an involuntary reflex. When the cat poofs up, the skin around the fur is dimpling up, making the hair stand up.

You do this to–it’s basically the same behavior and reflex as goose pimples. Humans just don’t have as much hair to puff up.

which pens don’t go through Moleskine?

As neat as Moleskine journals look, and as ubiquitous they seem to be, as primarily a fountain pen user, I just can’t get behind using them. The paper has significant bleed-through. Some of my fountain pens do better than others–I’ve had good luck with Parker 51s and Lamy Safaris, for example. If I were to recommend a pen for one, I’d suggest a ball pen (roller ball or ballpoint) or pencil.

Rather than changing your pen, I’d recommend changing my notebook. The Rhodia Webnotebook use great paper that stands up to any fountain pen. It has a similar design to the Moleskine, with a nicer cover.

There were also a number of terms that made me smile for a variety of reasons (such as imagining a “snow cheetah”).

  • pictures of baby snow cheetahs
  • dressing as a snow leopard
  • haloween snow leopard
  • showing respect for mr guilt
  • Louisiana fishing cat

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