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As most readers of this blog know, I take a lot of photos. While I’m mostly all-digital, I do like to print a few, either to give to family, or for my own enjoyment. The wall behind my desk is decorated with them. I’ve posted about this before, but it’s grown, and moved from including bib numbers to now nearly all photos (and a few postcards).’

The photos are printed on my printer onto photo paper, and attached with a Scotch Restickable Glue Stick, which make the back of the print like a Post-It*–no damage to the wall if I remove and reposition them. I move older picture from the center of the spaceright over my desk to the outer perimeter–this is so I don’t have baby pictures of my daughter upfront while needing to crane my neck to see a more recent one. It’s proven to be a fun, easy way to decorate our study.
Wall of Photos

*Post-It makes photo paper with a back already like that, and I even have some. Of course, it’s almost never loaded in the printer.


Posted 2013-01-26 by Mr. Guilt in house

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