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I moved into my current desk at work in November, 2006. It happened to be roughly when I was moving a help desk, and pulled my daughter’s stroller out of my car to make room for some other material. Six years in the same desk is a fairly long time in my company.

Desk Panorama

By the letter of the law, it is no longer “my desk.” As part of a remodelling, we’re moving to a “hotelling” system. Each day we are in the office, we’ll need to check in to our desk. When the remodel is complete, there will be less space per cube.

(Ostensibly, we’ve been working this way for quite some time. However, given that there are a significant number of folks who are in the office each day, it was only mildly enforced.)

Either way, the expectation has been to keep our desk not just “neat,” but empty. No personal items. This can range from the useful, such as a binder of information or a calendar, to the personal, such as a bottle of ink or a family photo. It can make it hard to get some things done, and makes a place I spend a third of my life at a bit less plesant, and makes it a bit more like we are interchangeable cogs.

Objectively, I understand that, if there are a greater number of folks who are working from home or travelling, it makes sense to optimize the use of the space. Also, the work from home policy has been loosened, which is a perk that is significant.

I’m going to look at this as an opportunity to take advantage of the working from home, and going into the office a few days each week. Truthfully, there are a lot of benefits to that. In all likelihood, I’ll still be sitting in the same spot when I do (at least until they complete remodelling.

However, before leaving yesterday, I took one last photo from “my cube.”
Last Pic from "My" Desk

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  1. At my mega-company, those who are in the office at least 3 days a week get to retain their personal cube. Others will be getting a shelf in a four-high to store stuff between visits to whatever space is open. The remodeling has not yet begun. The building is already strangely quiet with so many people out any particular day.

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