Happy Birthday Renji   1 comment

The Chattanooga Zoo posted that today, January 10, is the birthday of Renji, a snow leopard. She was born in Chattanooga, but moved to Cincinnati in the spring of 2012.

We first saw Renji in Chattanooga, on the way back from Atlanta. She was just a cub then. Mostly, she dozed around her mom, though she did peek up here and there.
Hanging Out Behind Mom

She is now one of the stars of Cat Canyon here in Cincinnati.
Gorgeous Renji

She was paired with Nubo, a male snow leopard from New Jersey, as part of the Species Survival Plan. As a father, I know Cincinnati is a great place to raise kids. Just sayin’.
Snow Leopard Cuddles

Happy birthday to sweet girl and a unique cat!


Posted 2013-01-10 by Mr. Guilt in animals, cats, snow leopards

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