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As the calendar turns over, be it to a new month or a new year, I always think about resets, and how I build. There are many things at life you can, through money, travel, or other means, achieve in a fairly straight-forward fashion. Some things are simply binary: you do them or not. Achievement is if you do it. Or, you can define down a goal so it is easily within grasp. However, there are several things I log where it get resets every time a day is described as “the First of.” These things have to be earned through effort. If you don’t do it, you don’t get it.

Historically, I reset the odometer on my cyclecomputer the first of the year. While cycling is a continuom, with last year’s base miles contributing to my fitness, they don’t count to a current year’s total. If my goal is to have so many miles by TOSRV, or a goal for the year, the only way to acheive that is getting in the saddle and riding. The total accumulates one mile at a time.

Since February of last year, my target has been twenty blog posts a month. In part, that is to prevent my blog from dieing, but, moslty, it is to force myself to learn to create-on-demand. By practicing writing (even if it’s just captions to a bunch of pictures of cats), I believe I will get better. On the first day of the month, the count is zero. The only way I can have a score of entries is to post.

The fact is, I appreciate the honesty this represents. The only way to reach a goal is to take action, incrementing slowly toward the end I havein mind. Either I do the work and reach the goal, or not. The raw metric means there is no explaining away or reducing down. You made the goal, or not.


Posted 2013-01-01 by Mr. Guilt in rant

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