Enjoying the Fire   3 comments

About once every three years, the stars align, and we light a fire in our fireplace. Too often, it’s not cold enough to merit it, or too cold, or we’re in too late to want to stay up and watch the fire. However, we had our act together tonight.
Roaring Fire

Beso and Luna were fascinated by it.
Feline Silloette

Beso Watches the Fire

S’mores were made for the humans.
Roasting a Marshmellow

The Christmas Snow Leopard came. This year, they got collars, as their old ones were getting somewhat stringy. We like to Beastie Bands, from Confetti Cats. Beso got a monochrome tiger print (NOT white tiger print)
Beso Shows Off His New Collar

Luna, the hacker ninja princess, got a purple one with unicorns.
Luna Curls on the Dream Curl

Eddy got a red collar titled “crazy cat.”
Eddy's New Collar

It made for a pleasant Christmas Eve!
Luna Watches the Fire 1

Stretching by the Fire

*Last year, we bought plush mice from the Snow Leopard Trust. The mice are doing OK, and I was able to make a contribution through my company. They are a great organization, who have figured out the best way to both protect these beautiful cats while meeting the needs of the people who share that land.

3 responses to “Enjoying the Fire

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  1. Aww they’re soo cute with the fire! I particularly love that shot of Eddy. He looks so dapper.

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