Beso Plays with Birdie   1 comment

I realized that I went the whole month of November without a post about my coalition. Sure, Eddy, Beso, and Luna popped up in a post or two, but there was no post about just them. Today, I will rectify that situation.

We pulled out “birdie,” a toy on a string. The only cat around was Beso.
Eye on Birdie

Beso really gets into playing with birdie. He gets down low and stalks it.
On Target

But when he pounces, sometimes it’s faster than my camera can keep up (perhaps if I turned on a few more lights…)…

…or at least faster than I can.

He is quite an agile jumper for such a big cat.
Jumping for the Birdie!

He eventually catches his prey.
Got It!

Eddy eventually showed up and played a bit, but really, he tried to stay out of Beso’s way.
Beso and Eddy Stare

Luna came, too, but wasn’t as interested in birdie.
Luna Contemplates Birdie

But watching Beso have fun was totally worth it.
Clinging to Birdie
Wow! What claws!


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  1. Love the pictures. They’re all so, so cute.

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