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Last Saturday, my mother-in-law has a tradition of taking my daughter to the Nutcracker in Indianapolis. It’s a very involved thing, including a pre-performance tea with the dancers. This year, they invited my wife, as we were planning on being in town for the first night of Hannukah. I suggested that my father-in-law, also an amature photographer, and I go to the Indianapolis Zoo.

When we got there, there was a California sea lion being very loud.
Loud Sea Lion

I mean, very loud.

He got in the face of a harbor seal. I thought it would be a confrontation.
The Confrontation

The harbor seal barked back, causing the seal lion to leave. Otherwise, the harbor seal was rather zen-like.
Harbor Seal Meditates (corrected)

The keepers came out and fed the seals and sea lions. I really like watching the interaction between the keepers and their charges.
Seals Can Hax Fishies?

One grey seal was paralyzed, and a decision was made to amputate the lower flippers. She seemed to get around fairly well, however.
Grey Seal Amputee

Indianpolis’s zoo has a significant aquatic section. They had some rays floating around.
Ray, Head-On

Ray Swims Away

The rockhopper penguins perhaps inspired Bobak Ferdowsi.
Rockhopper Penguins

Judgemental walrus disapproves.
Walrus Judges You

The Asian small clawed otters were rather noisy.
Asian Small Clawed Otter Chorus

Otter Complaint

And scattered away.
Run Away!

I liked watching the staw colored fruit bats hang out together.
Straw Colored Fruit Bats

The Alaskan brown bear slept. Look at those claws!
Alaskan Brown Bear

They had an enclosure with a raven and a bald eagle. I wonder what they talked about.
Raven and Eagle

As we moved to the Plains section, we observed some southern white rhinos telling secrets, probably talking about us.
Rhinoceros Secrets

When we were at the Wilds, we learned that Rhinos use a common latrine. You actually could see it in Indianapolis (though I realized when I got home I neglected to take a picture of it).
Slogging in the Mud

I need a price check. Anyone got a bar code reader?

In the Desert Biome, they had a blue iguanas and a radiated tortoise.
Blue Iguana and Radiated Tortois

Breeding rare iguanas is one of the specialties of the Indianapolis Zoo.
Blue Iguana on a Rock

I decided to play with the macro feature on one of my lenses in the snake area. So, I was able to get quite close to a northern copperhead.
Northern Copperhead

The Florida pine snake was somewhat plainer.
Flourida Pine Snake

Finally, I took a good picture of the eastern massassagua rattlesnake.
Eastern massassagua rattlesnake

Only three cats. I think this is an amur tiger.
Sleepy Amur Tiger

The signs did not specifically say they had an amur (or Siberian) tiger on exhibit, but it did speak extensively of a field project about the largest member of the cat family.
Relaxed Amur Tiger

I said this female lion had “bed head.”
Lovely Lady Lion

Her mate took offense to that.

Such a handsome cat. I was trying to describe something specific to my father-in-law, and couldn’t think of the word. I started with “he’s so…” Someone standing next to me chimed in with “incredible.” Fair enough.
King of the Hill

The only small cat was a cheetah.
Cheetah Approach

The Indianapolis Zoo appears to have partnered with the Cheetah Conservation Fund. The signage had a cartoon image of their founder, cheetah expert Laurie Marker, explain the efforts to save the worlds fastest land animal.
Cheetah in the Grass

The cheetah was the only small cat at the Indianapolis zoo.
Lounging Cheetah

I had a good time at the zoo, and shooting with my father-in-law.


4 responses to “Indianapolis Zoo with my Father-in-Law

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  1. Great pics! Love the zen harbor seal!
    I have a vague memory of learning that the cheetah with a black mane is called a King Cheetah? Does that ring a bell with you?
    The lion is magnificent! :)

    • That is correct–when I see pics, it looks to me as though his spots have merged. In this pic (from Wikipedia), the coat looks almost like that of a serval.

  2. Wow to that link! What an amazing (and rare) creature.

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