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We Are Cheetah FriendlyIn honor of one of the first cheetahs they worked with, the Cheetah Conservation Fund celebrated the second International Day of the Cheetah today, December 4. It is a day to work to save these majestic cats.

Cheetahs are the fastest land mammal, able to reach speeds up to 70 miles an hour. The Cincinnati Zoo in conjunction with the National Geographic Society, captured amazing high speed video of Tommy, one of the zoo’s cheetah ambassadors, running. Unfortunately, there are only around 10,000 left in the world.

Cheetahs have a number of threats, including habit lose and “revenge killings” from farmers whose flock are taken by cheetahs. Groups like the Angel Fund work to solve problems like this. One of the most popular methods of making these farms “cheetah friendly” is to provide Anatolian shepherd dogs to farmers. The bark of the dog will scare away the cheetah, protecting both goats and cats.

Savanna Trots


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