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Annually, Flickr has a group where you post your best photo of the year. They just announced the group for 2012. This year, I have several strong candidates, and wanted to get ask for opinions. It’s also a nice year-in-review.

While I’ve taken some great pictures of cheetahs running, “Nia’s Dash” I think really captures this cat’s speed.
Nia's Dash

My photo of my wife dancing came out really well.
Rebecca Jumps!

Gizmo the owl looks great in “Gizmo Explores the Great, Big World,” but somehow it feels wrong to not do either a cat or family.
Gizmo Explores the Great, Big World!

“Starting to Stalk” looks cool, though I don’t think that’s going to be it. Sorry, Nubo.
Starting to Stalk

A clouded leopard cub “Hugging a Rock” is a favorite in this.
Hugging a Rock

Another non-felid is “Close-Up of Clinging to Glass.” I’m really impressed, from a technical perspective, how the underside of his foot looks.
Close-Up of Clinging to Glass

Had you asked me in June, I would have thought my best shot of 2012 was going to be “Spin Cycle,” a fishing cat drying off.
Spin Cycle

I also liked Beso taking a “Catnap on a Cool Floor.”
Catnap on a Cool Floor

The San Antonio Zoo had “Happy Tiger.”
Happy Tiger!

My best bokeh shot of 2012 has a blurry Beso watching as “Luna Checks Out the Beads,” back at Mardi Gras.
Luna Checks Out the Beads

My daughter had “Scooting Fun.”
Scooting Fun

I have my own “top three,” but I was wondering: what do you think I should submit to the “Best Shot of 2012” group?


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2 responses to “Best Shot of 2012?

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  1. hugging a rock or spin cycle. I do like how your wife is in the air! I also like the cheetah, the tiger, your photos are so generally fantastic, it’s hard to choose.

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