Young’s Jersey Dairy   2 comments

Our original plan for the day got thrown for a loop. It was a beautiful day, and my daughter had a birthday freebie at Young’s Jersey Dairy. A spontaneous road trip ensued.
Young's container

It really wasn’t the season for the miniature golf and the batting cages. We did walk around a bit. They have some barns that can be toured. Two baby calves were there. One was asleep.
Dozing Cow

The other said, “Hai!”
Smilin' Cow

We often refer to Eddy as a “barn cat,” given his likely origin. At Young’s, there were real barn cats.
Barn Cats (Wide)

One is to the left, behind the equipment–you can kinda see fur. The other two rolled around like the six-month-old kittens they appeared to be.
Barn Cats (Close)

I admit it was a long drive just for ice cream, but it was a fun time with my family.


Posted 2012-11-21 by Mr. Guilt in animals, cats, felis silvestris catus, Ohio

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  1. Longer road trip in your future ?

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Moo!

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