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In honor of their new cubs, the Chattanooga Zoo declared today, November 17, 2012, as “Snow Leopard Appreciation Day.” Renji, one of the snow leopards at the Cincinnati Zoo, was born in Chattanooga (we even went to see her as a cub). We thought observing Snow Leopard Appreciation Day with her would be a great idea.

The Cincinnati Zoo was set up for the Festival of Lights. At least one of the light displays was going to be appropriate for the day’s theme.
Snow Leopard Lights

When we got to the snow leopard enclosure, they were sorta milling about. Nubo, the male, was up on one of the higher points of the enclosure.
Nubo Profile

Where Renji was hanging out at the other end.
Gorgeous Renji
Gorgeous snow leopard!

Nubo came closer to the center, and laid down.
Mellow Nubo

Renji thought this would be a great idea!
Renji and Nubo Relax

Gradually, some communal grooming ensued.
Snow Leopard Cuddles

We also watched the tigers. One decided to lay on his back.
Tiger on His Side

Really, we’ve seen Beso do this a million times.
Rolling Tiger


No idea what Joseph saw, but I’m glad it wasn’t me.
Joe Wants Something

We went in and saw a Stellar’s sea eagle.
Stellar Sea Eagle

We also checked in on Lulu, the baby giraffe. She wasn’t out in the yard, but she was sitting more in the center of her barn.
Baby Lulu

Overall, it was a great day to appreciate snow leopards!
Communal Grooming


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  1. They are so gorgeous they deserve a complete month!

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